I’ve committed myself to a life of service and finding ways to markedly help people…

With more than 20 years of service in the United States Marine Corps, I am now looking beyond my time in uniform for new ways to contribute. I have an amazing wife and an amazing son who are beautiful, smart, and supportive. Because of them I think about legacy and impact.

Before the Marine Corps, I went to Hawken Upper School, a college prep school on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio, did well in school and played football, wrestling, and baseball with great coaches and teammates. This is where teammates gave me the nickname of “OB.” I then went to Wittenberg University in Ohio, earned a BS in Business and a minor in Spanish, played four years of varsity NCAA baseball, and enlisted in the USMC. The nickname “OB” followed me to college. After graduating my wife and I got married, and I was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. We served on active duty for nearly ten years. I flew as an electromagnetic spectrum expert all over the world – and in numerous combat zones. Our son was born while I was overhead Sicily inbound to north Africa, and we think that’s pretty cool! Somehow, when it came time to be assigned a callsign I got… “OB.” It seems to be a naturally occurring event!

After active duty I moved home to Ohio and started my first successful business – real estate investing. Since I missed flying, I returned to it in 2017 as an airline pilot, and it has been great. It’s a fun job, which also allows me to have a lot of time off for investing and family. I now fly the Airbus A320 part time and am a full time investor and writer. Flying and investing have really complimented each other well! After a lot of analysis, it’s great to go watch a sunrise or sunset from the cockpit, and enjoy a dinner in a new city! It creates great balance in my life.

Along the entire journey I have been investing in stocks and honing the skill – for about 25 years. I am a perpetual student in all regards, whether real estate, the stock market, cashflowing companies, blockchain/crypto, or futurism. I love both fundamentals and exploring what’s possible!

I continue to educate myself and am earning my Masters of Science in Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) from Johns Hopkins University – as well as completing US Space Force courses. This gives me insights into industry, government, policy, and the future that I couple with business knowledge to create a unique understanding.

I am especially passionate about information-sharing and portfolio design and management. I design and keep portfolios focused on their goal – and it has proven to be a logical, enjoyable, and fruitful endeavor! I have a decades-long history of data analysis, decision-making, and poise under pressure. These things are my comfort zone, and they allow me to zig when everyone else is zagging – a critical skill for investors.

I foresee The OIC | The OB. Invest Club as a way to share what I know with others so trust can form, learning can occur, and excellent investing decisions can be made.

Thank you in advance for your time – a priceless resource that ought to be treated well!

Matthew “OB” Oberdorfer

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