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What is The OIC | The OB. Invest Club?
Investing Firepower for the Wo/Man in the Arena
I’m doing the analysis anyway, so I may as well share it!

Here’s what I currently offer (with more value to be added soon):

+ Newsletter
+ Real-time trade alerts
+ Watchlists
+ Portfolios
+ Articles+ Book/s
+ Ask Me Anything

I don’t think investing is about just one method. It’s about setting goals for a portfolio then pursuing those goals. I have both growth and value portfolios. Designing and managing portfolios is a passion of mine, and I decided to share it. I hope you enjoy it!

The details:

Stay updated with my weekly investing Newsletter

+ Delivered to your inbox every Sunday
+ See the Portfolios’ biggest winners and losers every week
+ See the Watchlists’ biggest winners and losers every week
+ Get a Macroeconomics run-down:
Index performance, sector performance, key upcoming events, Consumer Confidence Index, Consumer Price Index, 10-yr Treasury yields, 2-yr Treasury yields, Fed Funds Rate, Debt-to-GDP ratio, “The Buffett Indicator”, currencies, crypto, commodities, y mas
+ Get a Microeconomics run-down:
Individual business earnings reports, key companies from last week, next week’s key earnings reports, this week’s spotlight company, and company analysis
+ My summary of what the heck just happened during the week
+ Plus: Be the first to know about new and upcoming things

Get real-time trade alerts the moment I make them!

+ No more missing out on stock gains all day, every day while you are living life
+ I send out Alerts the moment I make a change to a portfolio
+ Know when I buy, sell, or trim stock holdings
+ When you already have a job, but want to invest too

See the exact stocks that I track! 

+ These are the exact stocks I track
+ My Watchlists mirror the goals of my portfolios
+ Watchlists are full of growth stocks and value stocks

  • Growth stock selections are thematic 
  • Themes identify key technologies that will define the next 5 years+
    + Web sales, SaaS, & Automation
    + Big data, AI, & Sensors
    + Lifestyle, Ads, & Entertainment
    + VR/AR/Metaverse & Gaming
    + Blockchain & Transactions
    + Health edits, Prevention, & Access
    + 3D Printing, Transport/Mobility, & Logistics
    + Space, Energy, & Sustainable Development
    + Risk, Security, & Safety (soon)
    + Education, Connectivity, & Empowerment (soon)
    + Brick-and-mortar with New Models (soon)

+ Watchlists full of quality value (“legacy”) stocks with

  • mature businesses
  • healthy balance sheets
  • large moats

+ Watchlists full of quality dividend stocks with

  • mature businesses
  • healthy balance sheets
  • large yields

See the exact stocks I own!

+ Yep, full portfolio transparency
+ My growth stocks are held here:

  • The OIC Growth Portfolio
  • The OIC Small Positions Portfolio

+ My value stocks are held here:

  • The OIC Legacy Portfolio

+ Do your due diligence and enjoy!

Enjoy my first eBook, OB’s FRUGAL Workbook, for better budget habits!
Free when you join the Newsletter 

+ FRUGAL means:

F – Food
R – Roof
U – Utilities
G – Go
A – Assurances
L – Loans (becoming Likes!)

+ See how I budget, and think about budgeting
+ The goal with the eBook is to make more investors
+ Great investors budget their resources: time, money, energy, judgement, etc
+ Build budget habits
+ Enjoy the workbook which keeps you on track for the day, week, month, & year
+ Entirely free when you sign up for the Newsletter

Enjoy articles about stocks, strategy, education, & mindset!

+ Learn how I target growth stocks
+ Learn how I use the emotions of the marketplace to my advantage
+ Learn from educational pieces, like my Macroeconomics series and more
+ Learn investing hacks
+ Enjoy reviews of books, podcasts, movies, and other great content
+ Learn the mindset of an investor, which thinks calmly under pressure, looks long when others look short, has “The Portfolio Mindset”, understands value, understands legacy, has vision, and thinks about how to make something work via better systems and design

Ask Me Anything and I’ll write an article with my answer!

+ Want to know more about NFTs?
+ Want to know more about the direction of major marketplaces like real estate brokers?
+ Want to know more about how you can invest when you’re short on time?

Please enjoy The OIC | The OB Invest Club – specifically designed to give you exposure to investing information, data, visualizations, ideas, and more, as I see it. 
I’ll continue to add value as I go too.


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