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Actionable Ideas to Make You a Better Investor
Gain a new skill every week that makes you a better investor. I’ve learned these through years of reading and investing. You can learn them in minutes!

Notable Winners
Every week the stock market has notable winners – stocks that have had a great week! Relative Strength theory states that winners tend to keep winning, and I agree. See the week’s biggest winners from my Portfolios and Watchlists!

Notable Losers
And, every week the stock market has notable losers – the stocks that have had a bad week! Often times this creates buying opportunities, but it can also signal a price correction if a stock is over-valued. See the week’s biggest losers from my Portfolios and Watchlists!

Macroeconomic Update
Macro moves markets. Get info on index performance, sector performance, key upcoming events, Consumer Confidence Index, Consumer Price Index, 10-yr Treasury yields, 2-yr Treasury yields, the Federal Funds Rate, the Debt-to-GDP ratio, “The Buffett Indicator”, currencies, crypto, and commodities!

Microeconomic Update
Understand individual businesses better with last week’s earnings report info, key companies from last week, next week’s earnings reports, and this week’s spotlight company! Plus more analysis on companies as the market dictates!

OB’s Stock of the Week
See exactly which stock I have my sites set on heading into the next trading week! I watch tons of stocks, but there’s always one prime target.
I also describe why my sites are set on that company too.