My exact positions.

I’m not an investment advisor. I’m an investor.
My skin is in the game and interests aligned with yours.

You could simply follow and copycat my moves, or watch what I do to learn how to build your own investing portfolio/s.

The OIC Legacy Portfolio for value investors
The OIC Growth Portfolio
for growth investors
The OIC Small Positions Portfolio
for growth investors
details below

The OIC Legacy Portfolio

An actively managed, low-risk, medium-growth portfolio full of mature companies that have built the world as we know it.

These are the Googles and Apples of today.

The OIC Growth Portfolio

An actively managed, medium-risk, high-growth portfolio full of companies building what will be everyday names in 5 years.

These are the Googles and Apples of tomorrow.

The OIC Small Positions Portfolio

An actively managed, high-risk, high-reward, portfolio full of companies taking moon shots, and some measured exposure to them can have 100x-plus returns.

These are the cancer-curing companies we hope for.

I don’t believe there’s just one investing goal. I believe there are goals for portfolios.

The future of investing is investing in the future you want.

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