Stocks pre-screened by me.

Organized in themes that will define the next 5-10 years.

This is where to find Google, Amazon, and Tesla before they became behemoths.

The OIC Watchlists are designed to capture the companies thriving now (value)
and in the next 5-10 years before they are common names (growth).

About the watchlists

Value Stocks

These are the massive, blue-chip, mature companies that have stood, and will stand, the test of time. Strong income statements, balance sheets, and cashflow define their financials. Healthy, visionary leadership defines their management. Moats surround these companies. These companies are tops in their industry, but not afraid to evolve either. These companies are stalwarts.

Growth Stocks

Just 13% of US sales where online as of 2021. The global average is even smaller. With 2 billion people coming online in the next 5 years the US, and global, web sales growth will be massive. Software-as-a-Service is a proven, major force that is here to stay. And automation is truly still just getting started in the industrialized world.

The crux of the Information Age is data, and big data is gathering information humans could have never compiled – and sifting through it at rates humans could never match. AI fuels big data already, and provides massive leverage to its users. Sensors help gather data, feed AI, and facilitate automation; this is where “garbage in” gets put in the rear-view mirror and data capture is premium.

As automation moves the machines that humans used to move space is made for more human activity – and lifestyle is a supreme force in the human condition. Creatives and Influencers push content, goods, and services harder in the next five years – not less. Entertainment has new frontiers, fresh entrants, and increased distribution during a golden era when content is king – finally.

The deep, immersive dives into virtual realities are coming, and they will be powerful and compelling. Augmented realities where a digital presence sits upon your actual life have enormous potential and demand. Gaming keeps growing, and the metaverse is a multiplier here; the “gamification” of nearly everything will become more obvious yet more powerful.

You don’t need to understand blockchain technology to understand the interest in integrity and digitization. Integrity begets long lasting construction, like steel dazzled the imagination of architects. Transactions are completely up for grabs, and banks will lose ground while the un-banked will gain transactional opportunities previously only available to fortunate first-worlders.

The ability to edit genes and program healthier populations is underway. Disease prevention is finally making some headway, although it’s an uphill climb still. And access to healthcare is being drastically improved by technology as doctors can connect with patients virtually, which reduces transportation and time expenses – major barriers to massive portions of the world’s population!

3D printing has major positive ramifications across the globe and into space – development and sustainment will benefit. Transport and mobility continue to evolve, as they have for all of humanity’s existence – perhaps the most persistent area of human development across time. Logistics is the profession of Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How versus cost; new frontiers means logistical support.

Space is cool again. And the commercial-government relationship has materialized in a big way. Access to space, and revenue, is being unlocked. Energy doors have been kicked in – sustainable options like solar are here, along with plasma and ion engines. In the next 5 years, sustainable goes beyond energy and reaches every facet of life, like digitization has done.

Risk, Security, & Safety

Details coming soon.

Education, Connectivity, & Empowerment

Details coming soon.


Details coming soon.

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